Wednesday, June 17, 2009

These are the 3 offers that actually follow through. Heck do all of them if you want. It doesn't take much time.

These are 3 sites that actually follow through with what they say. Go ahead check them out for yourself!

This one is for a free phone it's great. I got mine but I like my I-phone better but atleast you could sell it on e-bay. Free Blackberry Storm!!!

This one is for a free LCD TV. It's a nice 1080p one. Test a LCD TV and keep it, click here for details.

And this one is for a Dell Laptop I'm typing on now! My personal favorite. Other than the T.V. Well they're both awesome! Quit using that old computer of yours, click here and you could receive a new Dell XPS Laptop.

Do you ever read those ads that say get your free iphone... and so on and so on...

Well I have news for you! Most of those sites and offers are scams. I have tried it all. Of course who doesn't want a free T.V., I-phone, computer etc..... I decided to make a hobby of this and find out what sites really follow through with what they say.

IN THIS BLOG I WILL TELL YOUWHAT SITES REALLY DO OFFER FREE T.V.'S, I-PHONES, COMPS. Most offers will make you fill out so much info. Then they will call your house. Spam your E-mail and then call your house some more lol. You may ask why am I doing this. Well I had an epiphany. I want to give back to the people. I just recently had a bad experience happen to me so now I want to REINFORCE some Karma. So what is it going to hurt to make a 5 minute blog to help the people. I have found companies that really follow through just by entering your e-mail address. You may ask how can I get a T.V. etc... just by putting in my E-mail address? Well these companies have contracts with the major suppliers to get feedback on their products. It really doesn't make sense to me but I know it works. They can actually send you a T.V. etc.. for you to test. The only catch is you have to fill in your e-mail address and awnser a few questions and agree to be put on their mailing list.

So what do you have to lose. 10 seconds to fill out your e-mail address. I know these personally work because I've successfully done these. Don't be fooled by the rest. These Work! That is my word and my word is all I have except for my new T.V., Laptop, and Phone LOL!